Friday 3 June 2016

APEX Survey Results: Which browser for development?

Next question in my 2015 survey, how many different ways can we all type "chrome"?

Q4: Which browser do you use for development?

The first free text question, with a long variety of unique results. I haven't analysed the complete list to get a truer result, but the pattern is clear. 3 of the top 5 are Chrome. APEX developers build in Chrome, the application builder is recommended for Chrome, especially during early adopter season. I find the Chrome Developer Tools so easy to use.

Safari had a few mentions, but I guess all the Apple geeks also use Chrome.
I also wonder if Edge will emerge in future and shake off the weight of IE?

I'm currently at a client where we're lucky enough to only need to test for Chrome as we're building enterprise applications in APEX, run internally to the business.

Attempting to code across browsers is best illustrated with this GIF.

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