Wednesday 29 April 2015

Customising APEX 5 Open Door Credentials

The polish that comes with APEX 5 also extends to the generic login screen used for the Open Door Credentials authentication scheme.

This scheme is great for testing. It allows you to log into the application by supplying just a username, as if you logged in normally - saving on user management in test servers.

The login screen used isn't page 101, but a generic page generated via wwv_flow_custom_auth_std.login_page. Prior to APEX 5 the page looked rather ugly.

APEX 4 Open Door login

As with many other aspects, the page now looks much tidier in APEX 5.
APEX 5 Open Door login

I think this upgrade can also encourage a little sprucing up with some script that can be applied via the authentication screen Help Text, in the same manner as the workspace login can be customised.
Authentication Scheme settings

$('h1.a-Wizard-title').text('Open Door Credentials, great for testing')

Actual help content could also be supplied, so the login screen could be adjusted to suit your needs.
Customised APEX 5 Open Door login
Runtime example here.

Amazing what a little jQuery can do.

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