Sunday 22 February 2015

2014 Annual SQL Championship

Steven Feuerstein runs a great site at PL/SQL Challenge that is just another way for developers to stay up to date with their knowledge of PL/SQL, SQL and database design with a bit of fun.

PL/SQL championships are held quarterly, but the less frequent SQL and Database Design quizzes are currently held annually. Thanks to persistence and maybe a bit of experience, I was eligible to compete in both.

Unfortunately do to a timing issue, I missed the Database Design championship. I'll have to try again next time - hopefully with more competition from the wider community, <hint> since it's a worthy cause to participate. </hint>

Steven recently announced the rankings for the 2014 SQL championship. I managed 9th from 40 competitors, which is pretty cool. With a little less haste I should have got a few more correct but that's the game you play ;p

To perhaps pique your interest, the question topics were

  1. String aggregation techniques
  2. Temporal Validity (12c date queries)
  3. Date datatype behaviours
  4. DML in nested tables
  5. MODEL queries.

Yup, it got hard quick, but they don't call it an annual championship for nothing, right?

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