Friday 6 September 2013

Help APEX find it's way

In case you missed it, there was an OTN forum post about asking about the APEX5 release date. As Hilary mentions, it's Oracle's privilege to release it whenever they like.

That being said, there is an APEX Feature Request application.

While new feature will always be cool, I'd also like to see an introspection regarding some facets of the Development Builder.

I've requested a few myself, but for example (to get creative juices flowing)
I think it's also fairly safe to expect a third User Interface for tablets.
All of this on top of what is already mentioned in the APEX Statement of Direction.

For more APEX 5 thoughts, check out

Let me know if you've seen any others.

I look forward to the next release, whenever it may come ;-)


ps - the post also noted 4.2.3 would be 'soon'

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