Thursday 20 December 2012

Thursday Thought: Pacifism

Of course the many forms of internet media are rife with commentary on the tragedy of Sandy Hook, and this morning after reading a relatively objective article by someone I admire - Steve Novella, and I felt compelled to add an observation on the taboo, gun control.

I'll start with the reason I find Steve's opinions worthy, particularly those relating to his medical profession - the and the fact he seems to know facts about everything!
When he starts assessing gun control:
I just want to make the point that it is reasonable to address this issue, the discussion should be evidence-based, we currently need more and better evidence, meanwhile we can make some rational decisions based on the evidence we have.
I think it comes down to attitude. Another piece of the puzzle to my epiphany:
US attitude to gun control
I think many Australians (a culture I'm familiar with) think less guns all around, less chance of something horrible occurring. All firearms must be licensed for particular uses only and kept in a secure safe. Notably, with the exception of Northern Ireland, UK police force don't carry guns.

So I take this to a logical conclusion - each side always needs the bigger gun. You end up with a cold war, which lead to humanity realising it must stop or reach mutually assured destruction.
Conflict in the regions around the world continue, sustained often by revenge or vengeance, or other similar retaliation.

Call me a pacifist (a word I learnt watching the classic Hunt for the Red October), but can't we do this to the lowest denominator we can go? Trained properly, police could defend themselves from most crime incidents with a three or six foot wooden pole.

On a lighter note, if you are interested I encountered a small piece from PZ Myers inspired by Victoria Soto praising teachers around the world for their contribution to human interest.

Finally, both Steve & PZ are on distant wings ends on the spectrum of secularism. I dare not mention some of the horrid things I saw on the ends of other spectra, perhaps I just don't understand them.

What turned out to be a rant, over.

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