Thursday 17 May 2012

Thursday Thought - Busy busy busy

Over the next month or so, my posts may slow down a touch.

One exciting reason involves this little device pictured. I won't let too much out of the bag just yet, but an opportunity presented itself and I just had to take it.

This means I need to start prioritising a few things.

I've been trying to do a technical post every Wednesday, and this has been assisted by a flurry of posts I wrote earlier in the year that I scheduled over the weeks, with the occasional scheduling mistake - a couple of posts per day. The scheduling interface could be better, but I won't complain.

Unfortunately, these pre-written posts are drying up, I have plenty of e-mails tagged ready to write about, but the task involving the pictured device will take priority. When I get ahead on that schedule, I'll make sure my presentations for the conferences this year are on track, then I'll write some more posts - because I'm enjoying it quite a lot, and I'm also finding my own blog quite useful as a self-reference. It seems the quickest way to find information is to search where you now exactly how/where to look!

Further down on the list, I also want to re-design my blog re-design, especially after following what that Jeff Smith has been up to recently. I would like to ease the clutter and modernise a little more.

Oh, and I have my regular day job, not like some people ;-)

I'll also probably be somewhat quiet in the social media arena for a while. Partially to limit the consumption of information and keep focus, and (fortunately for me) I'll be on staggered holidays over the next month.

I hope all of you aren't working too hard, and I'll see you on the other side.


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Scott Wesley said...

Just realised I'll be dead silent on OTN for a while.

I've been enjoying that recently - learning lots, 'jotting' down notes.