Wednesday 18 January 2012

DB minimum version with APEX

(I'm doing a blogging blitz, scheduling posts, reviewing old drafts etc. I'm not sure why I didn't publish this one, I thought I'd just post it untouched)

There are suggestions that APEX 4.1, currently in Early Adopter at - may be available for download middish 2011 (I don't like saying summer/winter, because that ignores half the world!)

Some sites are still back in APEX 3.x, shame, but unfortunately I still work for some of those. Hopefully upgrading Apex won't be as daunting and restrictive for most as upgrading db version can be.

Recently I wanted/needed to experiment with some infrastructure settings, so I installed a copy of 10g I had on hand, with the intent of installing APEX 4.0

Unfortunately amongst all the installation tasks, the one I didn't bother to take notice of this time around was 2.1 - Oracle Application Express Installation Requirements: Oracle Application Express version 4.0 requires an Oracle database (Enterprise Edition, Standard Edition or Standard Edition One) that is release or higher. Application Express 4.0 can also be used with Oracle Database 10g Express

So of course, the version I had was, not

So when you go to log into APEX, you may see something like this. Symptoms also include errors in your FLOWS schema. Something I found interesting about this particular entry was the script Joel used to determine version. He could have used dbms_utility.db_version, v$version, instead he used conditional compilation.
create or replace procedure foo as
$if dbms_db_version.ver_le_10_2 $then
$elsif dbms_db_version.ver_le_11_1 $then
end foo;

Ultimately you will need patch 5337014 to step up to, run apxremov, then reinstall from that point - not forgetting to have your apex_public_user account ready.



Noons said...

And Apex 4.1 also works fine with, just installed in our test db and so far nothing is majorly broken.

(other than some changes in colours for theme_9 and others, even though the css files have the same 4.0 release name...)

Scott Wesley said...

Nothing majorly broken, so sticky tape on the messy parts is ok? :-)

Noons said...

Sticky tape is almost a staple diet with Oracle, nowadays.
I'm actually thinking of changing my job description to
"Sticky Tape Dispenser"!