Tuesday 17 August 2010

All Programmers Should Read Delightfully Creative Information

Now if you think that post title was a little strange, it's because it's a mnemonic.

Now they haven't really worked for me in the past - just like the poem to remember how many days in each month - I found it easier to remember the raw facts than the poem itself. Besides, the knuckle trick was easier.

Anyhow, this is an Oracle related blog, and I wanted to share an idea to remember the Apex URL syntax of:

Most of the time I remember the order fairly well off the top of my head, though sometimes I need to double check; and sometimes within the mix of a bunch of colons it's hard to work out what is what. Perhaps if you're reading a sentence in your head as you move the cursor between colons...

So maybe what I (and others) need is a mnemonic to help us remember the order:

Should Session
Read Request
Delightfully Debug
Creative Cache
Information Items
Printer Friendly

I didn't include the last two, since you don't often need to consider the printer friendly attribute and once you have items, you should know values follow. Besides, I tried not to make it too complicated or difficult to remember!

What do you think? Any other suggestions? This really was the first thing that rattled off my head after a productive day of Apexing.

Yup, I also felt like inventing a new verb.


Sohil Bhavsar said...

Like. :)

Sohil Bhavsar said...

Like. :)

raoul said...


Anonymous said...

Why not "All Programmers Should Read Delightfully Creative Information Very Patiently" to include the Values and PrinterFriendly too :)

Scott Wesley said...

I like it. Good finish :-)