Tuesday 21 July 2009

Forty years ago...

I don't aim to make too many off topic posts, but I think this one is worth a mention for such a poignant occasion - to my interests anyway.

Congratulations to the entire team involved (and their respective families) in putting Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin on the moon, & Michael Collins who had the opportunity to orbit it (which facilitated the most isolated meditative experience known to mankind!)

I also look forward to seeing the higher resolution pictures the Lunar Reconnisance Orbiter (LRO) will take of the Apollo landing sites. Here are the first images taken during flyover whilst it's orbit is still settling down. I'm sure there was limited coincidence in these images becoming available near the 40th anniversary, even though there was question marks over available launch dates a few weeks ago for this little machine.

I think Buzz Aldrin's autobiography would be a good read...

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