Sunday, 15 March 2020

Friendly URLs in APEX 20.1

We can finally add 'native' to the list of choices when it comes to 'prettified' URLs, as Oracle APEX 20.1 honours the statement of direction with a simple checkbox in application properties.

APEX 20.1 Application Properties - Friendly URLs

I tried this with old & new applications, and it appears to be case insensitive.

APEX also appears to honour either format, regardless of the setting.

It contains the workspace name, application and page aliases (if present), however this obfuscates key reference information a developer users hourly ;p

I wonder if there will be a related API?

I know some people yearn for this, but is it really that prettier than the original?,P6_MODE:7566,R

Time may tell. It usually does.


Unknown said...

What version of ORDS do you use on your productive servers? I read on the forum that 19.4 is not stable yet and it’s better to set 19.2

Scott Wesley said...

We're never in a huge hurry to upgrade ORDS, unless there is an APEX version upgrade moving through.

Regression issues are common, and whatever version we're already on does a great job of pushing data from the client to the database and back.