Tuesday 21 June 2016

Hide nulls in Value Attribute Pairs report

If you have one record where you want to display multiple columns of information, the 'Value Attribute Pairs - column' report template is pretty nifty.

Some of the packaged applications use this within the breadcrumb bar, above a region display selector, and it looks really tidy.

Nulls shown with tilde

Note, I've modified region attribute setting 'Show null values as' to a tilde (~).

But what if I wanted to hide those null values for Mgr & Comm, similar to the 'show nulls' option within single row view of Interactive Reports?

Create an 'after refresh' dynamic action on the region. Conveniently, this is the default when doing so via the Page Designer.
Then create a JavaScript action with the following code.
// for each value cell found on the page, determine if contents = ~, then hide row if true
$('dd.t-AVPList-value').each(function() {
  if ($(this).text().indexOf('~') > 0)
Save, then refresh your page. Done.

Nulls hidden
And if you have another event that refreshes the region, the JavaScript will re-apply and hide any nulls (represented as a tilde - something to find and hide).

The dd.t-AVPList-value is a selector for the Universal Theme. It uses a different class in other themes, so you would have to investigate using Inspect Element browser tool to check.

Right-Click -> Inspect Element

That's thinking with my jQuery hat. I have a new post in the works that uses a SQL solution - no post-render tinkering.


User101 said...

Scott; You missed some steps and it was a challenge (for me) to figure it out...
You needed to state in the "Client-side Condition" to:
select "JavaScript Expression" and place your code in the resulting text box.

Other than that... it works great.

Scott Wesley said...

I wasn't clear, and I'll correct that because your description isn't quite right either.

I've also drafted a SQL solution to this problem - on render instead of post-render, a better outcome.