Tuesday 28 October 2014

Perth 2014 Professional Learning Event

There's a little over a week left to this year's major Oracle user group event in Perth, so attention all locals (or even east coasters) - if you're interested in picking up new skills & ideas - you haven't got much time left to register!

This year it's called a "Professional Learning Event" instead of a conference and the program reflects it - plenty of hands on workshops mixed in with normal sessions. Considering it's easily half the price of a typical training course, you'd be crazy not to go - particularly since there are plenty of side benefits to events like this.

Here's where you'll probably find me (if I'm not at the Sage Computing Services booth, of course):

Update from Oracle Openworld - this panel discussion sounds like a nice fun but informative intro to the conference

Data Visualisation - Chris Muir - data visualisation is a growing interest with a world of possibilities, and even though it's ADF based I hope to pick up plenty of ideas.

Flashback Data Archives - Björn Rost - I haven't found myself with my of a need to use flashback gadgets, but Penny suggested I give this one a go. After seeing Björn present last year I'm sure it will be informative and enjoyable.

jQuery for PL/SQL Developers - you certainly don't have to be an APEX developer to attend my session. If you've always wanted to learn jQuery but struggle to make the leap, give this a go. I'll be making regular breaks from the presentation content to get hands on so bring your laptop or tablet.

Building a building App - Branka & Craig - I was heavily involved in this project and it should make for a really interesting case study - an APEX application built specifically for a 10 inch tablet, and the journey it took to get there.

Building maintainable applications in APEX - Jeff Kemp - I'm always keen to see some thoughts on best practices from other developers.

Mobile mumbo Jumbo - Chris Muir - I'm sure Chris will offer some thought provoking insights into the current state of play from Oracle's perspective.

12c for Developers - Connor McDonald - how could I not go to this one?

OHarmony - Penny Cookson - great theme, great topic, great presenter, great boss. Learn more tuning gold from the master.

PL/SQL Masterclass - Tim Hall - I'm not sure I've heard Tim speak too much about PL/SQL, and I think everyone should learn at least one important lesson in these two hours.

Presentation Skills - Penny & myself - I'm excited about doing this one - it should be fun & engaging.

APEX 5x5 - a third session I quickly said OK to, but has come together rather nicely based on experiences from my first 6+ years of APEX development. I'll have to run fast from the previous room!

And while the sessions are great, conferences are a lot of fun and a great chance to catch up with past colleagues, and find out what other people are doing with contemporary technologies.

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