Tuesday 19 November 2013

Spice up your APEX application with third party plug-ins

At this year's Australian Oracle User Group Insync13 conference series I conducted a half-day workshop in Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth called "Spice up your APEX application with third party plug-ins"

I selected some commonly used plug-ins that I thought would be interesting and showed attendees how to download, configure and use them. I hoped this would build further awareness of the usefulness and expandability of APEX 4.x

I spent the first 10-15 minutes introducing what plug-ins are all about, and you can find link to the slides here.

I have a tutorial application that demonstrates the eleven GPL/MIT licenced (available for commerical use) plug-ins I chose do illustrate:

Future readers may find this useful as I've also listed instructions on how to use each of them.

Plug-in instructions
You can now ignore the 'claim workspace' section. On a side note, when running workshops at conferences I certainly learned a few ways to make things run more smoothly!

You can also download setup scripts to run the application in your own environment from here

Many thanks to the author's of the APEX plug-ins that make our lives easier!
Find more at apex-plugin.com


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