Tuesday 20 November 2012

Oracle Forms New Features

Oracle Forms is a product that has shown staying power, but because the product is aging, support is waning, and new products are coming to replace it - there is little need for new features.

Those that do come out are often esoteric - there to fit highly specific solutions, or help wire in to the newer systems.

I had to compile a list of features from 9i through 10g to 11g, and I thought I'd offer the summary here

11g New Features
External events (Queuing)
Integration with JavaScript in surrounding web page (documented)
Calling from surrounding webpage into Forms
Making use of proxy user functionality
Forms & grid control
Pluggable Java Components (PJC whitepaper)
Enhancement to Trace
Support for Oracle Diagnostic Logging
Integration with Reports

10g New Features
Runtime prestart
URL Security
SSO Upgrades
Enhanced EM support
WebUtil Patchset
New features
- GIF/JPG support
- Hide connection info from URL when testing

9i New Features
Forms Listener SErvlet
Single Sign-on Support
Improved translation
Support for character semantics
Timezone support
Development UI improvements
Runtime improvements
Enhanced JavaBean Support
EM Integration

In the interests of offering a pretty image, I thought the solution to integrating JavaScript was painted well
Oracle Fusion Middleware Documentation
I wonder what adjustments might be made to accommodate 12c? Probably something under the hood regarding pluggable databases.

So nope - not a post about new features of a product like APEX, but a consideration to a product that helped us get there.

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