Thursday 24 June 2010

Oracle Apex 4.0 has arrived

Gee, I take a night off from setting up my new laptop to finally watch Taken, and it takes until after lunch for an e-mail from Connor to let me know about the flood of entries in my RSS about the launch of Apex 4.0!

I was expecting a little more fanfare than just a newsroom entry. I thought it may have been paired with a conference - but I'm sure it will be the talk of ODTUG.

Joel announces it here.

OTN has the best starting point.

I was hoping for a vastly rearranged set of documentation,  that was my wish - but I'll see how the updated set of documents look.

New features is always a great place to start when looking at a new product from Oracle.

Now I'm even more undecided how to configure my laptop: 10g with Apex3.2, 11g with Apex 4.0 - but with what HTTP server?! Apex listener is still under Early Adopter...

In other news, apparently Australia has a new P.M...

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