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I'm not limiting this list to the major players - I'll also include other websites that may either display some form of profile of mine, a little brag, or somewhere you might be interested in participating/visiting/dabbling yourself.

This blog
Occasionally I post something more than 160 240 characters in something labelled Thursday Thought, a regular jaunt for tangents. Sometimes there's some Friday Fun, and occasionally some science & other stuff.


-- nee

A vibrant place for our APEX community, give it a go. You can check out the type of content at

Slack orclapex domain

This profile seems to grow like a plant... cultivate a seed and with minimal effort the profile slowly grows into a CV that's informative, interactive, professional & contemporary. Note, I generally only add people to my network I've personally dealt with, or had frequent communications online.

I also encourage you to join the offical APEX Group, the discussions are worth reading and we moderate to try keep cleaner than the preceding half dozen.

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I've grown to see the true value of twitter. I consume & post often and do not have separate accounts for work & pleasure, so you will find posts
1) for work - I do follow many Oracle (and related tech) related tweeps, and I find it a handy distinction between my personal usage of Facebook
2) I'm someone you might term a skeptic/humanist - there are a number of people I follow in this community, and I also use it to post/vent various thoughts related to pseudo-science and other baloney. I pursue facts and do not engage ad hominem attacks. Some of this content is now on a 'burner' account.

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I believe I signed up for this before I heard of it so I could play poker online with an old buddy of mine - he said just sign up so we can play... thanks man </sarcasm>.
Now I'm generally a watcher that passes judgement on others, but occasionally I'll find something worthy to post or think of something witty to add, usually science related. It's mostly treated as another tool to keep up with randoms.
I don't typically add my work colleagues, you kinda have to be special for that ;-) - this is generally the domain of personal friends.

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Oracle Technology Network  (OTN) / Groundbreakers Community
Obviously I use this account every time I need to download a wonderful piece of Oracle software, but also participate regularly in the forums to learn and help others. stack-overflow is a handy supplement. Along with documentation sites such as OracleMDN & jQuery.

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PL/SQL Challenge => Dev Gym

For a number of years while I was new to the industry, I spent a fair bit of time at AskTom. I think this gave me a good leap ahead of the local pack. While I don't find myself there too often any more - I have found new to sustain the brain - I find the Dev Gym (formerly PL/SQL challenge) valuable in keep my PL/SQL skills fresh, and occasionally learn a thing or two about functionality, performance, good practice - while enjoying a quiz. Steven explored variations in quiz and competition types over the years to keep things alive. It takes 5-10 minutes of your week, why not give it a crack? You don't need to be exceptional to win a prize - I received a prize in late 2011 just for participating (note, correlation does not mean causation!).

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Blog Aggregators

These kinda died with Google Reader. A good place to find Oracle APEX content is either the #orclAPEX tag on twitter, or

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