Thursday 3 December 2015

George Hrab @TEDx Rethinking Doubt

I realise the Internet is a big place, so if you haven't heard of the TED talks then I recommend you head over and check it out.

They're limited length talks about amazing things people are doing, discovering, and innovating around the world. Ideas worth spreading, is the catch-phrase.

Many talks are about topics that are really beyond our personal purview, but today I listened to one that I think everybody should listen to, especially teenagers. The speaker, George Hrab, addresses something that everyone can apply, every day.

Thanks to one of my heroes, Phil Plait, for pointing this one out. Though considering I periodically listen to George's podcast, I would have heard his golden voice at TEDx at some point. He's also a drummer in a funk band and has released some cool science based music.

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