Thursday 3 December 2015

Customising APEX workspace login

A few years ago Peter Raganitsch showed us how to customise the workspace login page in APEX 4.x.

I think it's even easier from APEX 5.0 (through to at least 18.2), though it looks pretty slick already.

Here is the solution I shared on Slack a few weeks ago, also on Github.
<script type="text/javascript">
$( document ).ready(function() {
  $('.a-Login-title').text("Scott's workspace").css('color','darkgreen');

 // In order of reference
 // Oracle header
 // Down arrow
 // Second page fluff
 $('.a-Login-message, .a-Header--login, .a-Login-slideNav, .a-Login-slide--secondary').css('display','none');
 // Orange message bar
 $('.a-Login-message').text('Reminder: use your windows credentials');

 // Hide reset password

 // Change logo, list in /i/apex_ui/css/Core.css


Paste this in the same location in the INTERNAL workspace, under Manage Instance -> Login message.

And voila!
Customised Workspace Login
Perhaps use this to indicate environment details.

A setting was introduced in 18.x to hide some of this content, but I'm not sure it works properly.
INTERNAL workspace instance setting
I believe some others have been tackling easy options to replace the icon.

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