Tuesday 14 July 2015

My Kscope15 sessions

My Kscope15 sessions are now available on my presentations page.

I linked to the Prezi version as they don't translate well to PDF, as those of you who tried downloading off the Kscope mobile app may have found.

The supporting code from my deep dive demos can be downloaded here:

Thank you to all those who attended, and cheers for all the great feedback, I sincerely appreciate it. I wish I had more time when I was there to talk for longer with more people.

It was so awesome to meet a bunch of bloggers I've only known online, fun at times to match live faces to minute avatars. In addition of course to the plethora of other community participants I met and chatted with.

It was spun out to hear how many people were aware of my blog and were waiting to meet me, how flattering! I do what I can with my geo-isolation ;p

For those looking for other sessions from Kscope15, try Oracle's APEX collateral pages or check through recent uploads on slideshare, or become an ODTUG member for access to all the sessions plus much more.

I'll be back, not sure when, or for which conference, but I'll be back for sure.


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