Monday 5 September 2016

Users still double click buttons

Despite web pages having been around for quite some time, and users have been given years of affordance, people still double click on links & buttons in web pages.

This can cause a few issues in an APEX environment as the underlying process may get executed twice, and today I came up with what I thought was a simple, declarative solution.

In my case I had a button that submitted a modal page. I added a dynamic action that simply hid the button on click. I just had to ensure the action didn't execute on page load, and the button still submitted the page.

I thought I'd look around to see what others have done to mitigate this issue, and it seems I was on par, but with less code:

Wonderfully verbose description of what I described above
Funky JavaScript solution from 4.x
JavaScript solution in 3.x
Similar JavaScript solution
Purely session state protection

The only thing that makes me uncomfortable about my suggestion is the button has two behaviours, so Roeland's description may be considered more elegant, ie - a submit and hide action.

1 comment:

  1. Scott,

    Roeland Van den Eynde's solution, your first link, said that he changed the DML action to execute based on the Dynamic Action. But you didn't mention that change. Do you think it's needed, or can we simply "hide on click"?

    Thanks to you both!