Wednesday 21 September 2016

Show report tooltip as notification

Last week I described a method to make the tooltip on information more accessible to the end user.

Here is how you could make the same information available to touchscreen users.

1) First step, as before, is to define the HTML Expression of the column to include the title tag.
In this case I also stored my row identifier as an extra data- attribute.
<span title="#RECENT_NOTE#" data-key="#ROW_KEY#">#MY_COLUMN#</span>

2a) Create a dynamic action on click of the column cell.
jQuery Selector:

2b) Set the value of a hidden page item.
This could be done a few ways, but here is how you can do it with Set Value, based on a JavaScript expression.
Set Value action example

What's pertinent is this.triggeringElement, which identifies the element being clicked. In this case it's the table cell, so .children() identifies the span from the HTML expression; .data() grabs the extra attribute; and .attr() grabs the title tooltip.
$(this.triggeringElement).children('span').data('key') + ': ' + $(this.triggeringElement).attr('title')

This expression extracts the a relevant key value (to identify the record) and concatenates it with the tooltip.

My P50_LAST_NOTE is hidden and unprotected.

2c) A Notification plugin could be used to display the value set in the hidden item, as a second action in the dynamic action. Other notification plugins are also available.
This 'gritter' style notification from APEX uses the hash syntax to get the client value,
As opposed to the value from session state while the page was rendered.
This information is documented in the relevant attribute help.

Now when you tap (or click) on the cell, the tooltip is displayed in the notification.

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