Monday 2 November 2015

ODTUG APEX Gaming competition submission - Boggex

This post announces my humble attempt for the ODTUG APEX Gaming Competition 2015.

You can play the game yourself at
The about section allows you to download the current source I have exported.

I originally wasn't going to submit anything since I was busy writing a book this year, but I got inspired by something one day and thought I could at least submit something as long as I follow two major criteria:

  1. Minimal time spent to create
  2. Declarative as possible

Besides some allowances made to work nicely on a mobile, I think I fit both of those fairly well. It's a fairly basic framework over a fairly basic idea.

Besides the simple but addictive game play, there are two other tabs of interest:

'Tech' begins to details some of the technical aspects of the game. I'll be converting some of this detail into a presentation, hoping to illustrate some interesting concepts.
'Stats' shows some pretty graphs that show some statistics people might find interesting. This is also the precursor to a presentation idea.

Feel free to use the Feedback option to send me thoughts, ideas and constructive criticism.

- iOS users - Fixed the fact you can't touch letters by adding touchpunch.js using 'touchstart click' as custom event for click letter. Wasn't a problem with the non-Apple devices I had on hand!

Otherwise, have fun! I can't wait to see the entries from those smarter and less time poor than I. On Twitter a few weeks ago I saw some submissions from other entrants, I think the organisers are thinking 'mission accomplished'.


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