Tuesday 29 September 2015

Review: The Martian

I think we have a new genre of films for those consumers yearning for science and exploration.

First Gravity took us on a cinematographic journey into low earth orbit.
Then Interstellar took us on an inception style ride.
If you liked these you may enjoy Europa Report, which has a 2001 feel to it.

Now we have The Martian, which only a few years ago was still in the imagination of write Andy Weir. The book has an amazing backstory, you should have a listen.
Thank you 20th Century Fox

This review from Kirstin Acuna nailed the comparison to Castaway (another of my favourite movies), but I'd like to comment on some of her conclusions.

Biggest obstacle: Science.

Let's think about the target demographic for a moment, shall we? Audiences have been yearning for this style of moview, and good, sensical dialogue should not be compromised for the lowest common denominator. Have a read of this parody [cached] regarding if sports was reported like science, then come back to reconsider.

Book vs Movie

I haven't read the book yet, but I would agree with Kirstin in that you should watch the movie first. I don't know how the book ends, but the cinema took me on an amazing journey, and I can't wait to go deeper in the book.
I didn't come out of movie bummed out with disappointment like Sphere, though perhaps in that case it shows movies just can't always translate to the screen.

Comparisons to Interstellar.

Movies will be compared to other movies all the time. You know the amazing thing about The Martian? No bad guy, no agenda, just the "love letter to science".

See it in 2D.

I beg to differ, see it in 3D. We don't need scenes constructed simply to satisfy an intense 3D experience. The Martian does an amazing job of taking you to the planet, go experience it in 3D to help with that journey. I also recommend sitting near the front where the screen fully immerses your peripheral vision, though I recommend taking a few things to cover the little arm rest lights we had in our cinema.


Watch this movie, I can't recommend it enough.
Thanks to my colleague for getting me pre-screen tickets - I think I will be seeing it again before too long to help my brain process it all!
Also, hang around for the credits. Not only does it start perfectly, the credits blend nice and neat.

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