Tuesday 14 July 2015

Back to work, post Kscope15

After landing late Wednesday night I'm officially back to work on Monday morning, greeted with this:

It's good to be back. There is an APEX 5 instance sitting on 12c ready for app regression testing once it has data, but work before play - got a small backlog of tasks but even those are turning out interesting.

The backlog extends to finishing this book I'm writing. Kscope kinda bit hard into the schedule so we're probably going to enlist the help of a new conference buddy to get it done in time.

I have a bunch of notes from the second half of the conference that I want to re-affirm and blog about, plus some more general lessons I learned at Kscope, plus some thoughts from other US states we visited. I also promised ensuring my session links and supporting files where available.

Perth residents & AUSOUG members, we have a Sage Technology half-day event coming up, Wed 19th August - save the date.

All that, and I've had an awesome idea that I need to foster, involving APEX.

Enthusiasm, huh?

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