Tuesday 24 February 2015

Introducing the Official LinkedIn APEX Group

Once upon a time I had a laugh on facebook when someone posted an image showing multiple groups dedicated to stopping duplicate groups, oh the irony.

Recently I've been trying to share my blog posts via LinkedIn but I'm always unsure which of the seven APEX groups I'm a member of I should post to.

It turns out only the SIG groups are owned by heavyweights, namely Product Manager David Peake and evangalist Dimitri Gielis.

I asked the question twitter ...
... and once again Joel Kallman comes through and creates the 'official' uber group for APEX developers.

Joel includes this in describing the purpose
People should freely promote anything they wish here - jobs, trainings, new products, new blog posts, whatever you wish. But it has to be related to Oracle Application Express or the community. If not, it will be deleted
I've been nominated as a moderator, something I've never done before but we'll see how it goes. However if you need help with APEX programming issues, please utilise the OTN APEX forumStackoverflow is also handy for jQuery/CSS questions, though I'd still recommend OTN first to keep question in context.

The group is still in it's infancy, but the plan is to make it a quality feed for APEX developers, perhaps those who aren't twitter users. Though if not, perhaps you should.

If you're an APEX developer looking for another source of information, feel free to join and contribute.

As Joel likes to say... #letswreckthistogether!

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