Wednesday 26 November 2014

Chrome Device Mode and Mobile Emulation

Recently a colleague suggested I take a fresh look at the mobile emulation button in Chrome's developer tools.

Apparently this was upgraded earlier in the year and it's a shame I didn't have this a year ago!

Chrome Developer Tools Mobile Emulation
Some immediate advantages I see for APEX development:

  • Specify the device you'd like to emulate from a decent range of contemporary devices
    • This viewport can then be easily scaled to suit whatever monitor you're using
  • Apply network throtttling to simulate access on a mobile network
  • Use the emulation tab to define a media type to render as - I've been using 'print' to test how certain pages look when printed
  • The cursor changes, indicating the behaviour will emulate finger touches on a touchscreen
    • touch & drag emulated perfectly - I removed touchpunch from my page and sliders stopped working as expected without jQuery mobile
    • scrolling drifts instead of static desktop movement (happy to improve terminology here)
Full details on how to use these features are available here:

Tomomi also has a great write up on the topic.

Nice work Chrome, nice work.

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