Thursday 28 November 2013

Build option use case - experiments

I find build options as nifty tools to not only categorise components for the very purpose build options are documented for, but to help inform developers & testers of applications.

Here I've added a region on the global page to inform users of the status of the page - based on it's allocation to a build option.
Build option in action
I created the following classic report in my global page using region template DIV region with ID and report template One Column Unordered List, with some styling on the columns.
This shows detail of the build option allocated to the page (via page attributes).
select b.build_option_name, b.component_comment 
from apex_application_build_options b
    ,apex_application_pages  p
where b.application_id = :APP_ID
and   p.page_id        = :APP_PAGE_ID
and   b.build_option_name = p.build_option
and   b.application_id    = p.application_id
I applied the following condition will ensure the global page region is only displayed when the page has been assigned a build option.
select null
from apex_application_pages  p
where p.application_id = :APP_ID
and p.page_id = :APP_PAGE_ID
and p.build_option is not null
The region is also allocated to a relevant build option so it doesn't display outside development.

My build option in this case has a status of Include, but Exclude on export.
Build option setings
I'd like to see build option features expanded in future release, perhaps including extended release management options.

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