Friday 7 June 2013

Highlight cell background in APEX report

It seems a very common question in APEX is how do you highlight the background of cells within reports?

There is a heap of information out there, and some of it is becoming dated so I thought I'd offer what seems to be an elegant solution - particularly when you're not targeting a specific column.

We can thank Tyler Muth for an APEX 3.x compatible solution that highlights the text within the column. He described how to use the HTML Expression column attribute - I still use this frequently today.

There are a few solutions that use report templates, but they can be a little fiddly and I don't find them as flexible.

Jari Laine brings us into the APEX 4.x world using jQuery within a dynamic action.

Then I found this stackoverflow post by Tom Petrus (who has also assisted me with jQuery on the OTN forums), which I thought I could adapt for my purposes.

Since I wanted to highlight cells with certain values regardless of column/row, I defined a classic report with a static ID of 'pivot' with the PIVOT sql found in this post.

I added this to the "Execute when Page Loads" page attribute - it could utilised within a dynamic action, if required.
$("#report_pivot tbody tr td").each(function(){
   if ($(this).attr('headers') != 'TOT') {
     if (parseInt($(this).text()) < 1000)
     else if(parseInt($(this).text()) > 2000)
I wanted to ignore the 'Total' column, so I found the first IF statement satisfies that easier than a CSS exclusion clause.
This block could be adapted to do all sorts of things - for instance, I've cleared out the cells in other reports where the value equals 100.

I also added this as inline CSS just to border all the report cells.
table.uReportStandard>tbody>tr>td {
  border: 1px solid #ddd;
Here is a screenshot of the final output.
Classic Report with cell highlighting

Run the demo to see it in action.
Note all under 1000 are orange, and above 2000 are green.
This is done after the page is generated.

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