Thursday 10 January 2013

Thursday Thought: YouTube video statistics

Ever watch a YouTube video and check out the statistics to see how it ended up on your screen?

I did this recently with an amazing video taken on a scary looking bridge in Norway (Slartibartfast would be happy)
Mobile is on the brain, so what initially struck me was the amount of views reported by a mobile device vs something like Facebook.

Looking further, what really got the graph moving was when it was first embedded in yahoo web mail. I interpret this as when it really started to spread between family & friends and traveled through the regions of Norway, Poland & Canada.

Despite the younger generation, social media, and views of some - email still has a long way to go before dying. Ever tried to set up any form of account for kids? Everything needs an e-mail address!

And don't underestimate where mobile is going. It hit Zynga fast, crippling a company that had it all.

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