Thursday 5 July 2012

Thursday's Thought - APEX 4.2

During a conversation with a colleague I had thought regarding potential release date for Oracle Application Express 4.2

I know this is really comparing apples to oranges, but at least it gives a ball park ;-)

APEX 4.1 early adopter was released in May last year.
... and was released in August.

So perhaps we shall expect 4.2 in September? Perhaps we'll just see how things go... :-p

Update: It was released in mid-October - not bad for such a major release!



  1. Openworld is my guess .. Apex 12c

  2. Yeah, I've given up on thinking they'll announce Apex related stuff at big events - it always seems independent. Although the early adopter probably came in time for ODTUG.

    I highly doubt Apex will be related to 12c, though.

  3. The only 'cross-over' I can see is if Apex 4.2 is integral to the deliverable.
    I could then see them being announced at one time. Or rather announced AND available.