Friday 22 June 2012

Oracle APEX 4.2 Early Adopter announced

I knew this would happen - I'm back from holidays, all ready to focus on my little side project, and the Oracle Apex team announces the early adopter for Apex 4.2

Before you even head over to to check it out, I would suggest heading over and reviewing what's new. (And I guess I also say this because I'm getting Error occurred while painting error page: ORA-01403: no data found when I log in - remember, it's early adopter)
Update - not sure about this working in Firefox & not Chrome - I'll log it.

Some features that stood out for me as I read through:

  1. The debug API has changed names again - apex_debug - synonyms set for backwards compatibility though
  2. After first attempt at Data Upload, it seems they've given it a good review
  3. I'm spotting various security improvements, always good to see little holes tidied up
  4. Number of items limit on page increased from 100 to 200
  5. Naming branches
  6. jQuery mobile & other mobile development preparations
  7. Drag and drop functionality is gone
  8. Asynchronous dynamic actions
  9. Non-flash charts for mobile
  10. Slider item
  11. Various IR improvements
So hopefully I'll be able to log in soon and see how it feels when I kick the tyres :-)

Update - success - used Firefox instead - looks like I've got some training manuals to update. I like the style, reminds me of google, but editing the attributes seems to require more vertical canvas - grr more scrolling!

Please give the development team any feedback you can, this is another great chance to have your say.


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