Wednesday 30 May 2012

Turning maths into spelling with SQL

Awareness is fantastic.

I was aware that somehow in Oracle you could transform a number value into words. I googled a similar phrase and found a reliable location in seconds.

my sql*plus output:
SQL> column word format a10
SQL> /

---------- ----------
         1 one
         2 two
         3 three
         4 four
         5 five

5 rows selected.

SQL> l
  1* select rownum, (to_char(to_date(rownum,'j'), 'jsp')) word from dual connect by level < 6

I figure it would be a more hyperlink clickable option for displaying a small number of people. Might allow the mind to comprehend the number quicker, too. Neuroscientists?

I think it's also having important the awareness and quick access to trusted sites supporting your various hypotheses, therefore to round off this thought crumpet...

I chose the AskTom result for the SQL, which I couldn't locate on the relevant documentation page.

The OTN thread I compared it to really started to nerd up on page 2/3...

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