Thursday 29 March 2012

To make a title about recursion, you've got to understand recursive titles.

Recursion, that's right, recursion, that's right, recursion. Best I stop that...

This screen shot an example showing one of Google's easter eggs that I found amusing.

In honour of creating a subtle one myself by accident recently, and the inspiration for me to add it as an option in a PL/SQL Challenge quiz question I submitted. If you're not playing, get in there, learn & have fun - who doesn't like quizzes!

The question submission stemmed from testing out a idea from reading Gary's blog post, which I found interesting, concise and thought provoking. Just something simple involving compiler directives.

For those chasing a simple example of recursion, this would create an infinite loop if executed in Oracle.
create function recursive(pc varchar2) 
return varchar2 is
  return recursive(pc);

select recursive('me') from dual;

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