Friday 17 February 2012

AUSOUG event - See Connor bend time

Attention AUSOUG members - come by for a nice breakfast and listen to one of Perth's slickest presenters, Ace Director Connor McDonald!

If you're on our mailing list, you check your e-mail - if not, please contact us about joining, particularly if you think your corporation has group membership.

Where: Oracle Australia: Level 2, 66 Kings Park Road, West Perth

When: Wednesday, February 29, 2012. Breakfast starts 7:30am. Connor will speak from 8-9am, question time afterwards for those who can stick around.

RSVP: By RSVP Sunday 26th February 5pm by emailing

Cost: Free to all AUSOUG members. Ticket parking on Walker St, just off Kings Park Road, or catch the Red CAT, with a short walk from corner of Outram/Ord.

Abstract - Flashback:
We have all heard the term "adrenalin rush".  It comes about 3 seconds after you press the Commit button and you realise that you probably needed to have a WHERE clause on that "delete all rows from the SALES table" SQL statement.  Or it might come just after you run "drop table" on the Production database, when you were just so sure that you were logged onto the Test system.  This session will discuss how you can use the FLASHBACK features in 10g and 11g to overcome this uniquely human condition

Connor's Bio:
Connor has been working with Oracle software for 17 years for clients in Australia and the UK. He is a member of the OakTable, is an Oracle Ace Director, and has co-authored three Oracle books. He has been a popular speaker at Oracle conferences around the world for the decade, specialising in topics regarding the database engine and PL/SQL.

Find his blog

I hope to see you there,


ps- Another Oracle Ace & fellow blogger, Yury Velikanov, will be visiting sometime in March - details to come.

And don't forget next Wednesday!

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