Tuesday 12 April 2011

Observations in pattern matching

Sometimes while driving the suburbs, I'll see a line of cars the stands out for the most benign reason - each boldly coloured - red - blue - yellow - green.

The first time I became aware of how much it stood out for me, I've kept an eye out for it again - a simple alignment of colours. Look around, often you see is really nothing exciting white, white, grey, red, white, white... more variety in the models. So the bright sequence is an outlier that appears very low on my bell curve.

However, I don't really do cars, but when using computers, sometimes I see strange alignments in behaviour. As a developer, I see issues in code behaviour, and sometimes just the way it looks. It's same same but different for testing colour-blindness with the Ishihara color test; and it would be fascinating to hear something with synaesthesia describing the stroop effect, and how the could also be used to find spies!

These days, many people are becoming proficient in using Google. And the engine learns from the use of everyone. People get familiar, particularly with their regular style of searching. I'm reading a fascinating book right now called Click: What Millions of People Are Doing Online and Why it Matters. It's phenomenal the amount of information to be mined & utilised.

That was a tired ramble, this is what I saw that spurred it on
Just like the four words of Isaiah Mustafa "silver fish hand catch", "computers marijuana guns shareholding" were part of four terms I never thought I'd see together in the top four results.

And onya Google for honouring the first human space flight - pairing nicely with another book I've started by Buzz Aldrin.



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