Friday 13 August 2010

Oracle Sues Google

No, that is not a pun.

Time has been weighed in the favour of personal life recently, but one can't help notice some big news in the local industry.

That particular link Scribd the official document, which relates to Google Andoid.

Oracle states "one of the most important technologies Oracle acquired with Sun was the Java platform." Past that slowly dissolved into lawyer speak that I often wonder how our ancient authors of writing could bare to comprehend.

I did notice at the end of page nine a "prayer for relief". Interesting the terminology from all directions that become common-speak. From "googling my employee" to "fall from grace" - sayings and idioms of always been a distant world to me.

Courtesy of Mr Spendolini.


On a lighter note, I've been informed I'm doing fairly well this month in Steven (& Finn's) PL/SQL Challenge. I think today's quiz might create some discussion on Steven's associated blog. Hopefully I can keep up my recent form and snare a prize ;-)

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